Ubiquity AI is a tech start-up specialising in robotic process automation (RPA). Our RPA technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots that trigger processes through natural language conversations with customers and other stakeholders.

RPA saves companies a ton of money, by automating low-value tasks, while significantly improving customer service and relationships.  

Our company was founded by a team of young AI scientists and seasoned business consulting and linguistics experts

Our chatbots are super-smart, highly-customisable and multilingual, and can be easily-integrated into business systems to fulfil simple and complex customer transactions and requests


Our AI chatbots are digital workers

Let's face it, most chatbots suck and customer retention is poor. We have spent years developing technologies that significantly improve customer experience and developing our chatbots into 24/7/365 digital workers that efficiently carry out tasks and fulfil complex customer requests.

Image by Alexander Sinn

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