Ubiquity AI is a cutting-edge start-up specialising in chatbot design, development, data structuring and automation

We believe that chatbots are the future of customer communications.

Our chatbots provide consumers with a single point of contact, all the way to resolution.

Our chatbots incorporate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and blockchain technologies to deliver services that will excite customers at a fraction of current communications and service costs.  

Ubiquity AI is likely the world's first company incorporating blockchain technology that enable our chatbots to securely deliver sensitive information like banks statements and agreements, which we think is a game changer for both companies and their customers alike.   



Meet  Simone, our first financial services chatbot designed to improve financial education, improve policy conservation and reduce credit delinquencies all via ongoing natural conversations with customers on WhatsApp and other online channels.


What makes our chatbots unique

Deep learning

Our chatbots learn up to five-times faster than traditional chatbots using only supervised machine-learning 

Chatbots really struggle to understand user intent - even AI-based chatbots. This leads to poor user experience and retention. This even poses significant brand and reputational risks.
While most of our competitors use manual-heavy and time-consuming supervised machine-learning, we are one of the world's first companies using highly automated artificial neural networks. This ensures our chatbots are commercially and operationally viable at  scale - significantly reducing business and reputational risk.

Make every conversation count

Does your chatbot automate and monitor business processes triggered by authentic natural language conversation?

We have years of experience with Natural Language Processing technologies (NLP) and the ability to handle and structure conversational data.  
We structure, extract, store and tokenise conversational data in meaningful ways - notably to drive our RPA technology. We also extract data from every conversation to provide detailed insights into customers, trends, issues, behaviours and ontologies.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Trigger and automate business processes directly from natural conversations with customers

What happens if a customer has a serious complaint? Currently most chatbots will point that customer to an email address or phone number. More sophisticated chatbots will connect the consumer to a live-chat representative (human hand-off), where she or he will have to repeat the entire saga. What if the chatbot immediately recognised that the complaint was beyond her pay-grade and  autonomously generated and directed a detailed job ticket to the right company representative and autonomously monitored the progress of that ticket? Our AI technology does just that.


Suitable use-cases for our technology

Financial services 

preempt consumer payment defaults, improve persistency, promote consumer education and financial literacy

Public sector

improve service delivery and customer service, manage utility accounts, automate complaint management, improve tax compliance, improve public advocacy 


CRM, automate retail credit account management, micro-target marketing and promotions, 24/7 customer support

Call centres

automate repetitive in-bound or out-bound engagements and responses, and autonomously escalate high-value conversations, collect incredible new kinds of consumer engagement data


help consumers track shipments in real-time 24/7on super-friendly platforms like WhatsApp 


any regulatory or professional body that requires ongoing or annual regulatory or professional compliance and ongoing customer service to participants    


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