Ubiquity AI has one purpose - building AI and technology communications solutions that address social challenges, improve people’s lives and helps companies better serve customers.

Our main focus now is democratising access to financial services for all South Africans, enabling customers to transact, complete forms, get debt help, and understand the law and their rights - all in natural language and all on one incredible platform.  

Our first state-of-the-art chatbot Simone AI connects financial services providers and customers - incorporating  natural language processing (NLP), AI-Human-AI collaboration and automation, and blockchain technologies, which makes Simone adaptable to any commercial and public sector scenario. 

We think Simone will redefine how people see chatbots - not just in South Africa, but globally. 


Meet  Simone, our first financial services chatbot designed to improve financial education, improve policy conservation and reduce credit delinquencies all via ongoing natural conversations with customers on WhatsApp and other online channels.


What makes our chatbots unique


AI + Natural Language + Blockchain = unbeatable combination with unlimited possibilities

Our proprietary technology makes Simone highly adaptable to many industries and enable her to autonomously deal with many types of customer queries and complex tasks like explain a financial contract, help a customer fill forms, or enable a customer to sign documents directly and safely on her platform - which we think is a world-first.

Image by Alexander Sinn

Our technology is built for Ai-Human collaboration

Simone is an AI-Human-AI platform, that enables her to recognise, generate and escalate job tickets that she’s unable to handle and track the status of all open tickets to resolution, ensuring that company agents efficiently deal with the most important queries. However she is designed to be the main point of customer contact all the way through to resolution.


Simone pushes and receives queries to augment human functions and maximise productivity

Simone not only receives customer queries, but can also push out queries to a consumer, for example, determining a customer’s payment intent, or attitude or level of knowledge about a particular product, service or campaign, to provide quantitive, qualitative and actionable insights.


Suitable use-cases for our technology

Financial services 

preempt consumer payment defaults, improve persistency, promote consumer education and financial literacy

Public sector

improve service delivery and customer service, manage utility accounts, automate complaint management, improve tax compliance, improve public advocacy 


CRM, automate retail credit account management, micro-target marketing and promotions, 24/7 customer support

Call centres

automate repetitive in-bound or out-bound engagements and responses, and autonomously escalate high-value conversations, collect incredible new kinds of consumer engagement data


help consumers track shipments in real-time 24/7on super-friendly platforms like WhatsApp 


any regulatory or professional body that requires ongoing or annual regulatory or professional compliance and ongoing customer service to participants    

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